You may not know it but right above me are my posts going throughout the year. With these I’m going to make some comparisons and observations on how I’ve changed throughout the year.

The first thing I see from this is the growth of length in the middle of the year. Even though it clearly stayed a little bit I could tell that I worked harder in the middle of the year than any other time. One thing that I also saw was that I always kept more than 2 paragraphs throughout the year, I also found a growth of correct grammar through the course of time that I was given to write blog posts. I believe this increase was caused by checking over my posts before I published it.

All in all I felt like I got better, I improved in ways that I wouldn’t have thought imaginable and I have been thankful every step of the way. The blog improved my grammar and helped with getting things out throughout the year. One thing I had trouble with though was finding a time to write. I mean I could have done it any time but I fell like when you are getting forced to write it doesn’t fell as comfortable, but when you finally do you soar through pages like their nothing. I’ve learned a lot and I’ll be back next year.

Virtual reality and What it Could Do

Some haven’t heard about this, but Facebook has recently bought the oculus rift from the original company. To get you up to date on what the product is it is basically a headset that you wear that covers your eyes and puts you into a world not from your own, creating the name virtual reality. Why this is such a big deal is because Facebook is wanting to use it to copy other peoples experiences, which sounds awesome.

Imagine your on a plane about to jump out, jump out, and at the bottom post it to Facebook so someone else can have the same experience. Just amazing right, well kind of. The original company was going to use it to put people in gaming worlds, make dreams come true, but now that may not happen anymore.

Thankfully sony has their take on the product which is doing the same thing the oculus rift did in the first place, which is put people in fantasy worlds, with a new product called project morpheus. I won’t go too into detail because its kind of the same thing but better. So whats your take on it, has technology gone to far or is this a good thing for the world.



As we all know we have those times when we have to move when we don’t want to. Even more so when it’s the house that you’ve lived in ever since you were a kid. So as you can expect that’s exactly what happened.

It was spring, nice, warm, sunny, and with loads of boxes piled outside my front yard. We were moving to Austin. I knew that it was a very good place since it was the state that I was born in. I also knew that the market was very high up right now(or at least now I do) so as you could have expected, it was the perfect time to move.

We weren’t doing it the normal way though, we were going on a road trip! It wasn’t going to be a long one though it was going to be fairly short. Due to us being in Georgia it was a drive through Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana straight to Austin, so yea it was pretty casual.

As the road trip started i watched movies. Finding Nemo, finding Nemo, and finding Nemo. It’s pretty much the only thing I would watch at the time. And so days went on, then hours, to the point where we were only a couple miles away, and then there it was, our new home. Large, huge, any word supporting ginormous would work. It was just awesome.

Looking back on this memory reminded me of how thing change sometimes and you just have to go with it, and sometimes there for the better good. But what I really got out of this was that good things happen, even when your not expecting them, just remember that.

The Apps That Make Up My World

We’re going to talk about apps, but not just any apps, we’re going to talk about the apps that I use on a daily basis.

Wonderpolls: this app offers hilarious polls that you can take with just a touch. I could sit on this app for hours answering polls about what kind of color my shirt is right now. This app is also fun to use with a family, you could sit around with your family quizzing them on the polls that pop up to your screen just for the heck of it. The best part is that it gives off quite reasonable answers compared to everyone else, so you could find out if your normal, weird, or just out of the bunch.

Youtube: talk about time wasting, my mom even gets mad at me for sitting in this for to long. You could just be scrolling through some videos and find a cat who loves to play the piano. The one thing that I truly love about this app is how much time it wastes. You could be stuck somewhere for a certain period of time just to find out how quickly it went by with watching youtube. It’s also fun to show my little brothers cool things going on with everyday people.

Would You Rather: this app gives off a wonder polls feel but is still very fun in different ways. First of all it is much smoother running then wonder polls and all the questions you really answer are just would you rather do this or this. I love this app for the quick time it takes to play with it and the loads of time it takes off your day, and sometimes it shows how strange people are.

Super stick man golf 2: this fun golfing game is the best for playing with friends and making you rage when you miss the hole. Just getting into the game makes you want to beat the whole thing. The achievements are fun and cause you to have a lot of skill to beat it. While the game itself is challenging and still addicting at the same time. The multiplayer is what takes the gold here due to its race mode trying to beat others to the hole. Just remember when you get this game to shut all doors, try not to cry, end up crying a lot.

Surgeon Simulator: have you ever wanted to be a surgeon? Well now you can… Brutally murder you patients. This is not a real surgeon simulator, if it was they would ease up the difficulty and make the controls easier. This is basically the worst surgeon in the world simulator. With you cracking ribs open for a heart transplant to damaging someone’s mouth with a drill in the tooth transplant it leaves fun for all. It is easily addictive and can be played for days.

The Road to The Capitol

This is the place to go, at least when your in Austin. this road is Austin legend, surrounded by nice apartments and homes it is the perfect place for a good meal. For two restaurants they could probably make a whole nation happy.

The first one i’m going to touch on is Hop Dotties, absolutely amazing. The burgers made there are organic and fresh right off of local farmers, and the best part is that they taste like they were made from heaven. The milkshakes are the best part though with the cookies and creme and the chocolate as the top favorites these take the spot for best smoothie in Austin. The way they cook the burgers are awesome, they do it right in front of you! The signs around the resturaunt giving off advertisements are cool leaving you to go and check them out.

Then theres across the street, home slice. One of the most fantastic pizza places you have ever been to. Walking in and looking at the soda refrigerator holding the colorful sodas on the shelves. Then looking at the huge rice crispys on the counter and wanting to buy them so bad that you somehow do. Walking outside into the little alleyway leading to the outdoor ping pong tables that you can hang out and play with your family.

These places make up the city of Austin. They bring family together and let you roam freely down the streets so you can fill your stomach with all the delicious foods that make your tummy rumble. This is the Austin I know, and hopefully the one you know too.

What The Future Holds

Flying cars, hoverboards, super far away in time, but is it really that far away. A couple days ago a video went viral on a company called hvr tech. This video showed off an amazing thing that we know today as the hoverboard. The video also showed how easy it was to use and how much technology it has on it, that was until people started saying it was a fake. Over and over again these things happen, an amazing invention comes out, it gets shut down, and then it gets released and everyone goes crazy.

For example on this topic im going to go to Omni tech which created the first househole gaming treadmill which creates it to where you get to walk around and exercise in real life while running in the game. A groundbreaking invention which then was believed to be a hoax, soon became reality when it got put on the well known show named shark tank. These things create the world that we know today forming it and shaping it until before we know it it becomes reality.

The Room

Photo Credit: Anne Worner via Compfight

As the stairs dwelled deeper and deeper until they reached a cold room of torment, a light formed on the other side, from where I was coming from. They wanted me to go back, forget about why I came down here, to forgive them. Sadly that moment has passed, I still felt the laughs and pain I endured up there.

It was time to leave to enter the dark and creepy shadows of the place that I had built over years of light. The door swung open and then slammed shut leaving me to the darkness I had been waiting for. It was time, and I was never going back. I grabbed my mask and placed the new found identity on my head.

Then I looked around, hearing the little water drops fall onto the cold stone ground. I went and lit the lamps of light that are bright enough to keep some sight in the cave and dim enough so it doesn’t fill the whole room. This was where I needed to be, here where no one could find me. Left alone never to be sought out and never to be made fun of again. Freedom from the light and so now I can make my life here, but there was something more, or someone. I needed to have control, to still be a part of the world that I had left. So that’s why I will make her mine, teach her and then, soon I will make me noticed to the world. This is it.

Why did Flappy Bird Get Deleted

As one of the most popular apps in the App Store, this game has enraged millions. With doubling the amount of downloads as any other app in the App Store the rising popularity has been over the top. The addictiveness of this app has not only gave this app crazy good ratings but has made everyone want more of this game. So why did the creator delete it?

First of all we have the Nintendo lawsuit. With the crazy amount of downloads the famous company Nintendo has gone into notice. If you’ve ever played the game you notice the pipe textures in the game. They are an exact copy of the super selling game super Mario bros. So could this be the reason why he’s taking down the game. Yes and no, the update. The day before the app went down they gave out an update that changed the pipe textures. So this couldn’t be a problem, could it?

Second of all we have the death treats. After millions and billions have played this crazy app a lot don’t have what it takes to beat their high score. So like any person in the wrong mind the outraged and addicted people have sent millions of death treats one by one. This has caused the owner to not only be guarded by police but to be in lock down for over a week.

The last and final reason was the playing style. When he downloaded the game to the App Store he meant it to be played when people are relaxed for a couple of minutes. Not expecting that the whole world would get addicted he decided that it was best to take it down. This wasn’t everyone though, people like me were actually good at the game and beat their high score almost every time.

So could these be the reasons he took the game down? The fact that everyone hates him but no one would do anything about it. We will never know, we will only know how much this game ruins our life, and how much money were going to have to pay for new phones.

The Issues With News

Journalism is messed up, big time. The things that they focus on are totally irrelevant to what’s actually going on in front of our very eyes. They create things that no one wanted to see in the first place, and then bring it to a point where everyone wants to know about it. Has anyone seen anchorman 2, one of my favorites by the way. Has anyone noticed that they are making complete fun of what the news is focusing on, and in some ways showing us not to watch the news.

What they did in anchorman 2 is that they showed how the news broadcast are so made up about things that people want to see and then showing things no one wants to see following that. Like a car chase or a kitten who played with his first ball of yarn, really! You can’t think of anything better. What if the world was getting nuked and then all of a sudden they showed how a dog thought that Elmo was funny, Yea that’s CNN for ya. My point is is that they need to fix journalism, now. And good luck to everyone who still thinks the news is telling the truth. Really you need to stop watching it.

What is the meaning of life

We’ll lets put it this way, Life, something that only last for a short period of time, but yet, forever. Something that can be used every second of the day to do good, yet can do so much bad. Something that some people want to have so much of that they take from someone else. Now the true meaning of life isn’t what you think it is, unless of course it is what I am thinking. That is the advancement of humans, but now not the advancement of humans. The meaning of life is to fulfill your meaning enough in which you have nothing else to fulfill. In which you find out on your death bed.

Now it doesn’t always have to be on your death bed. It could be years months before it actually happens when you realize it. In which you find out in the later stages of your life. What that is is all up to what you do during your lifetime.

Your lifetime you could become the greatest person in the world. Or just a normal civilian helping that person or giving them hope to do it. But we all have a meaning, just as long as your alive